Our Approach

We are here for you and your family, whether your medical problem is simple or complex, we offer comprehensive care that includes consultations, diagnosis tests and treatments.

We can also arrange for you to be referred for specialist treatment at our UK centre, King’s College Hospital in London.

Our priority is patient care, we offer the same high-quality trusted healthcare and modern expertise at our new clinic in Abu Dhabi as we provide at our internationally renowned hospital in the UK.

We use evidence-based medicine and everything we do is driven by research.  We use the latest techniques and only provide treatments and procedures the patient requires.

We bring the best of UK’s tried, tested and trusted standards, quality and ethics to the UAE.

“King’s DNA though everything we do”

Our people

All our medical staff are of London standards and quality.  They have a close relationship with London, for example for second opinions, research and training via our comprehensive support system.

Our Nursing Staff are recognised not only for their skill and expertise but also for their care and compassion.

“Our Priority is Patient Care”

Our facilities

We offer high-quality outpatient and day case diagnostic investigations and procedures for adults and children. Our facilities include 21 fully-equipped treatment rooms, an endoscopy suite, and the latest scanning facilities.

Our standards of care

King’s in London oversees all aspects of the quality of care provided at the clinic, as well as recruiting medical staff and supplying medical consultants from the UK.

Our promises to you

Value all patients equally

We put your needs first and reassure you with our calm, confident, competent care, always protecting you from harm.

Value everybody’s unique contribution

We think and act as a supportive, cooperative team.

Listen and give everyone a voice

We talk openly to one another, share information and act effectively to do the right thing for our patients, even when it is difficult.

Think differently and create new solutions

We have a can-do spirit but always take into account how our actions may affect others.

View problems as opportunities

We try new things and learn from our experience.

Be an active part of our community

We are part of Abu Dhabi and take pride in providing local people with the best possible care.

How to find us

Shining Towers,

Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street

Khalidiyah - Abu Dhabi

Make an enquiry

Tel: +971 250 1400